Ref. #10-244
Bell Annealer
Mfg. Lee Wilson Engineering, Cleveland Ohio
Year of mfg.: 1963
Converted from Propane to Natural Gas Fired
Control 110 V, 1, 60 Hz
Consisting of: 3 Bases and 3 retorts
80 inch X 90 inch Charge
2500 BTU,
Max temp 1650 F
Temp Panel
Nitrogen Atmosphere (Swing Generator)
Bases: 3. One base blower motor was removed, but will be returned
Was decommissioned in 2016 in running condition
Heating Bell: 1, Missing one air supply blower.
Retorts: 3
Converted to Natural Gas in 2010
Some Parts stored outside since April 2019
Lee wilson bell Annealer