REF. #: 10-251
USED Electric Annealer
Was processing low carbon steel wire temperature approx.: 850 degree Celsius (1,600 F)
Furnace 100 KW Electric
Firebricks laid inside the furnace and insulation on outer side
Electronic step control with automatization. The furnace controls the temperature and holds at user desired levels and periods to reach better homogenous heat inside
4 x Stainless steel (310S) pots (2 Flat surface + 2 corrugated)
Water cooling for gasket area
4 x airtight pot caps
Vacuum pump for atmosphere controlled annealing (air out- nitrogen in)
Capacity at 8hrs:
1 Pot: 1.5 tons coiled wire
Cold startup: 1 pot 1.5 tons
Continuous operation: 2 pots
Pot: 108 cm (42.5 inch) diameter, 159 cm (62.6 inch) height
Furnace: h: 245 cm (96.5 inch) w: 266 cm (104.7)
Still installed and in production
Electric Pit Furnace