REF. #: 14-134
Schnell Reinforcement Processing Equipment
For cutting and bending steel bars.
Year Mfg. 2000
Working Range of Pull Line:
Capacity: 16 mm to 40 mm (0.63 to 1.58 inch)
Max. Speed: 105 Meters/Min.
Machine Dimensions: 14,800mm x 4,050mm x 3,100mm
Machine Weight: 6,900Kg.
Power: 22.5 Kw.
Included: Control console, Feeding station, Traction and Cutting Head, Measuring and
Transfer bench, Storage Rack.
Schnell Robomaster 40. Consisting of two bending units and can perform double bending
Operation simultaneously at any shape, of rebar up to 40 mm (1.58 inch).
Schnell Pull Cut and Bend
Schnell Pull Cut and Bend