REF. #: 14-144
Stirrup Bender
Mfg.: Schnell (Italy)
Model: Prima 12 R Baum KS104
Pay-off: Four (4) Coil Turn Table Type (3,000 kg)
Year of Mfg.: 2008
Catalogue Specification:
Automatic stirrup production equipment with bi-directional bending can process hot rolled and cold rolled high strength wire bars by forming from wire bar to stirrup in one step.
The equipment can process the following products:
1) fixed length straight bar steel bar;
2) Single head bending reinforced steel bar;
3) Unclosed and closed (stirrup) reinforcement shapes.
The machine is powered by a servo motor.
Processing capacity (steel bars 650MPa max)
Double wire: 5-10 mm;
Single wire:  5-12.7 mm;
A standard cycle time (5 bends, 1200 mm long stirrups) is about 3 seconds for single or double wire processing, around 2000 (double line) per hour.
- Maximum bending Angle: ±180 degrees
- Range of error: ± 1 mm, ± 1 degrees
- Traction speed of steel bar: 100 m/min.
- Bending speed: 1450 degrees/ SEC.