Ref. # 20-194
Multi-Head Live Block Drop Down Coiler (Take-up)
Manufacturer: Whitacre
Number of Blocks: 3
Each Live Block Take-Up has a 16” Diameter Capstan mounted to a Cleveland 15:1 gear reducer, belt driven by a 2 HP 3 Ph 480V AC motor, controlled by an individual GE AC Inverter Drive.
3 Powered Turn Tables:
Each 30” Diameter Turn Table is individually chain driven by a 1/3 HP 3 Ph 480V AC motor coupled with a Leeson 50:1 gear reducer, controlled by an individual GE AC Inverter Drive.
All take-ups and turn tables have individual adjustable speed pots and FPM digital display meters.  Each take-up/turn table set has its own start/stop switches, controlling both take-up and turn table together.  Each take-up has a wire run-out switch to stop drives when end of wire passes through.  Turn tables roll out for product removal.

3 head coiler