REF. #: 20-195
Inverted Drawing Bull Block
Manufacturer: Eurodraw
Model: IC 900 Inverted Stripper
Year of Mfg.: 2007 (like new condition)
Inverted stripper coiling machine with drawing draft
Process material: High and low carbon steel wire C=0.80% max.
Block diameter: 900 mm (35.4 inch)
Block feature: C50, forged steel, induction hardened to 62 HRC and polished
Block coating: Tungsten carbide coating on pulling surface of the block
Final wire diameters: From 12.00 to 5.50 mm (.47 inch to .217 inch)
Final wire tensile strength: 1600 MPa max.
Maximum wire pull: 5500 daN (12,375 Lbs force)
Working wire area reduction: from 25 to 10 %
Final drawing speed of the line: 2.00 m/sec at constant torque (120 m/min); 4.00 m/sec at constant power (240 m/min); (the coiler is capable of drawing 25% reduction on 12 mm high carbon wire at a speed of 2 m/sec)
Main AC motor power: 122 kW –1350 rpm - 4 Poles 400 V – Enclosure type IP 55
Block water cooling:
Die cooling: Direct by water. Water flow adjustable at machine front.
Carrier drive: 4.00 kW, AC with inverter
Trolley drive: Pneumatic cylinder
Trolley type: Double rotating platform, individually motorized by AC motor. Speed is synchronized with capstan speed. This trolley shifts from left to right in order to reduce the time required to change the coil. A displaceable cage keeps the wire wraps in place when in operation.
Maximum coil weight: up to 3000 Kg
Voltage: 400 V (+/- 10%) - 50 Hz – 3 phase.
Auxiliaries: 24 V DC
Water consumption: 3.0 m3/hour per block
Water pressure: 1.5 bars minimum
Water temperature: 30 °C maximum
Compressed air pressure: 2 bars minimum

GRC Eurodraw Drop Down Inverted drawing coiler