Ref. #21-151
Outokumpu Upward Continuous Casting System
Capacity 1,500 MT per annum
No of lines: 4
Output rod diameter:  12 to 17 mm in 4 coils of 1 MT each
Raw Materials Copper Cathodes.
Electric Fired Furnace: 300 KVA Transformer, 3 Metric Tons of melted copper
Power Supply: 480 volts, 60 Hz
Suitable for Brass Up to 17 mm. The machine is suitable for copper or brass ( 90/10 up to 70/30). There is a cam with a position for copper and a position for brass.
Also available
Rolling Mill
Manufactured by Carl Wezzel
Number of stands: 12
Enter 12 to 17 mm, finish 8 to 12 mm
Motors: 12, 480 V 60 Hz
Year of Mfg.: 1980’s
Decommissioned in year 2000.
Condition of the line: Currently installed, but not in operation.

Caster Outokumpu Upcast Up Caster Caster Outokumpu Upcast Up CasterCu Caster

Caster Wheel


Caster Outokumpu Upcast Up Caster