Ref. #: 21-160
Main technical characteristics.
Number of casting heads: 10
Bar / workpiece size 8-17 mm diameter
Annual output 5000 tons (at the rate of 300 working days per year)
Casting speed 1600-2400 mm / min.
Accuracy of liquid level tracking plus/minus 2 mm
Dimensional specification of the winding machine 700 mm X 1500 mm X 800 mm
Power consumption Less Than 320 kW / tonne
Cooling water pressure 0.25-0.3 MPa
Winding method 8 mm, automatic winding using wide frequency
Drive method of the winding machine The motor-reducer
The drive method of the upstream casting installation (with the upper draw of the workpiece)
It is driven by an AC servomotor, a chain drive using a transmission on the basis of a toothed belt without gaps, which provides synchronous transmission of torque
Operating interface Digital display; The servomotor is controlled by a touch screen

Copper Upcasting Line