Ref. #: 21-163
Complete Continuous Copper Rod Casting Plant
Dismantled and in Storage
Manufacturer: PROPERZI
Year of Mfg.: 2007
Designed Capacity: 16.5 Tons/ Hour (100,000 tons/year)
Enter Copper Cathode with up to 10% good scrap
Finish rod Diameter: 8.00, 10.50 or 12.5 mm Copper Rod in 4 ton coil packages
The plant produced only about 250,000 tons before it was decommissioned,
The line consist of the following:
Vertical shaft furnace 60 Tons with charging system. Furnace equipped with 16 burners down plus one main, using natural gas. Automatic flow control. The total height below chimney is 12.5 m and charging level is 10.6 m H. Internal diameter is 3.5 m.
Launder to tilt-furnace
Horizontal holding furnace 16 T, tilt table, for getting stabilized molten copper quality.
Tundish and launder, gas heated.
Casting wheel 2.3 m, bar produced 50 x 70 x 46 mm H about (2730 mm²). Automatic pouring system, with remote camera control/regulation. Soot coating (acetylene/O2 burning with flow & pressure control). Brush cleaning. DC motor drive 60 kW. H2O cooling about 55/75 kW. Spare bands available. Water flow control and doubled circuits. Spare wheel available.
Pinch rolls 220 mm, taking out cast bar
Auto-shear with evacuation system, for scrap bar
Conveyors for bars, with manual hydraulic shear for bar feeding
Bar shaving head, 2 angles, with chips evacuation.
50 bar emulsion cleaning box with 2 high pressure pumps.
Pyrometer for bar Temp monitoring.
3-stand Roughing mill Type L73 with motorized entry pinch roll. 3 stands: 2 H stand vertical axis, i=300, 2 H stand horizontal axis u=300, 2 H stand vertical axis, I = 300 (Oval – Round – Oval). Independent motor drive 3 x 67 kW. Gap between rolls can be mechanically adjusted. Equipped with gear lubrication system with heat exchanger, pumps and tank (2 pumps).
Finishing mill 8 stands, type 9/8 mini. Single motor SIEMENS 352 kW. 8 stands with 3 x 120° rollers. Suitable for 8 mm copper rod with 8 stands and 10,5 or 12,5 mm by using 6 stands. Equipped with gear lubrication system for finishing mill. 2 pumps, heat exchanger. Available with one spare cartridge for ghost preparation and available with many rollers.
Emulsion system for mills. Pump, filter and heat exchanger. 2 pumps system for safe operation.
Pickling system water & alcohol. Stainless steel tank, heater, 2 pumps and heat exchanger
Quenching system by water and IBA, doubled pumps also and heat exchanger
WAX system
In-line quality control FOERSTER DEFECTOMAT for diameter defect control or detection of inclusions
4 Ton coiler, automatic change. 3 motors: one for pinch rolls, one for loop, one for basket rotation. Control technique drives.
Coil compacting press with strapping
Plastic wrap SIGNODE
Special AC room with all electrical panel with Contrrol Technique drives and Siemes PLC S7 system.
Operator control box, with color screen, touch screen, for whole line operation.
Option: Laboratory
- Spectrometer
- Leco O2 content analyser (2)
- Tensile tester 5 Tons
- Torsion teste
- Resistivity meter
- Various small lab accessories
Building size and manufacturing requirements:
Building is 122 m long x 26 m wide today. Machine takes about 70 m in this building.
Line only is 1.2 MW. They used 65 kWh/ton produced and 52 m³/t of N gas. They were using 3 chemists (1 for furnace, 2 for casting), 1 operator in hot section, 1 in charging furnace, 3 in packing area. 2-3 fork lift men. For maintenance, one electrical and one mechanical
Dismantled and in Storage ready for loading
Photo taken when line was still installed
Properzi Copper Casting line CCCR