Ref. # 23-156
Combined Drawing Line
Manufacturer: Schumag
Model: KZ R IVB/450/40
Year of mfg.: 2007
Non-ferrous: 22 mm to 60 mm Diameter
Ferrous: Round Bar: 53 mm; Hexagonal Bar: 50 mm; Square Bar: 45 mm; Pipe: 60 mm; Flat Bar: 70 mm
Cutting Length Non-Ferrous: Aluminum: 2 meters to 5 meters (6.5 ft to 16.4 ft.)
Ferrous: 3 m (10 ft.)
Pay-off for two Coils
2-Plane Pre-Straightener Before Drawing Machine
Push Pointer
Drawing Machine (Main Motor 475 HP Inverter)
2-Plane Straightener
Shearing Machine
Intermediate Pipe Receiver/Feeding Pinch Roll
Seven (7) Nozzle Polishing (Motor 200 HP)
Run Out Table
Electrical panel
Decommissioned in Spring 2014
Condition: in storage, ready for loading
Schumag 4 IV KZRP 60 mm max
Schumag Polishing KZRP 60 mm