REF. #: 27-220
PVC Compounding Plant
Capacity 70,000,000 Lbs/year, Was producing 7,800 pounds /hour average
Includes: Four (4) Storage Silos (2 compound and 2 resin)
30 HP resin umloading system
Bulk truck containment pan
All liquids moved through air operated pumps
Two (2) Slurry Tanks @ 1,500 gallons each
Ten (10) Plasticizer Tanks (8) at 6,000 gallons and (2) at 12,000 gallons
500 Liter Henschel Mixer with two bulk bag unloaders
Farrel Model #9 FCM with 500 HP DC motor and 600 HP drive
Gala pelletizing system (model 7 MUP)
Pellet conveying 50 HP pneumatic system
Bulk bag fill system
75 HP Ingersoll air compressor
Brabender Plasticorder / Totque Rheometer
         ¾” Extruder with tape die
        Standard Mixing (measuring) head
        Sigma Mixer
Electrical testing equipment for wire samples
      Electrical cage with three water tanks
      Quad-Tech Insulation Resistance Meter
      Biddle Capacitance & Dissapation factor tester
      Hippotronics power source and hi-pot tester
      AC & DC high voltage cabinets
Pilot Production Line
      Henschel Mixer (30 lb batch)
      30 mm Buss Kneader with crosshead extruder
      Strand Pelletizer
      Wire Extrusion Line (2” extruder, laser mike, single reel take-up, 500 FPM
Lab Test Equipment
       Two roll mill steam heated (12” X 5” diameter)
       Automated Wabash press (with 4-cavity molds)
       Shore A and D hardness equipment
       Mettler Toledo Specific gravity equipment
       Instron tensile tester
       Oxygen Index flammability tester
       VW-1 flame tester chamber (wire testing)
       Low temperature brittle point tester
       Aging ovens (6)
       Cold Box (-50 degrees Celsius)
       Stereo Zoom microscope with video monitor
       Coefficient of friction (CoF) Tester
       Crush test simulation tester
Quality control

Additional information:
10" extruder Technical Process and Engineering model 10EHMP

Galla Pelletizing System model 7MUP
 Pelletizer model 7D
 Water System model TWS-280
 Filter model FRS-260
 Dryer model 4.6 PDV
Bag Fill System
Automatic Pallet Dispenser

"Henschel" Mixer, manufacturer Prodex model 115JSS

Farrel Mixer, model # 9

Wire Extrusion Line
2" Davis Standard extruder
Secondary (portable pedestal)
Entwistle pay off model GT36
Wire Preheater Beta type C540 model MCS8LM1530

Componding Plant