REF. #: 27-255
Mfg. Davis Standard
Model 2.0 Mark V With Hopper
Diameter 2 inch, L/D 24:1
Gear Box Info: HP Cap. 50 HP, Gear ration 17.56, Dyn, Thrust Cap 131,400 Lbs
Zones: 3 Air cooled
Barrel Heaters: 460 V, single phase, 4500 Watts each zone
Barrel Blowers: 115 Volts, Single Phase, 50/60 hz
Head Heater, 230 Volts
Year of mfg.: 1998
Diameter gauge:  Beta Lasermike
Cooling trough: 
    Construction type:  Single pass cooling trough
    Cooling length:  4572mm (15’ 0”)
    Trough material:  Stainless steel
    Trough section:
        Width:  152mm (6”)
        Depth:  152mm (6”)
    Cooling system:  By immersion
    Water circulation:  Driven by motors pump
Multi-pass cooling troughs:
    Construction type:  Two multi-pass sections with multi-groove capstan wheels. Each section has two capstan wheels driven by motor acting as pulling Electrical cabinets:  Composed of 2 separated units, on main including: EUROTHERM T controllers, HENGSTLER digital display countering unit, DYNISC T indicators, Bar pressure indicator, potentiometers
Davis Standard 2 inch Extruder