REF #: 27-272
PVC Extruder only (no controls)
Manufacturer: Davis Standard, Model 45IN45
Diameter: 4.5 inch, 26:1
Heat Zones: 5
Gear Ratio: 17.36, Dyn Thrust Cap.: 482,000 Lbs, HP Capacity: 225, 168 Kw
Includes: Motor, two screws (standard metering and barrier fitted with spiral Maddock mixing head) two breaker plates and two cross heads.
Year of manufacture: 1991
The crossheads are Guill 723 & 725.  The 725 crosshead has been used and has a flange that can be used on both, the 723 is new and still in the box. 
#723 head capability Max core OD 1.25 inch, Max finished OD 2.00 inch
#725 head capability Max core OD 2.00 inch, Max finished OD 3.50 inch

Davis Standard 4.5 inch 26:1