Ref. #27-299
CCV Line equipment For Sale list
Year of manufacture: 1999
Equipment Manufacturer: TROESTER
Production specifications: 25kV 500MCM to 161kV 2000 mm2
Equipment components description:
Pay-off Stands (2 available) 1800 mm to 4000 mm, Load 25 tons
Belt-type capstan: Pulley diameter: 2000mm
Accumulator: Pulley diameter: 2000mm, Capacity: 100 m, Number of moving pulleys: 5+6, Cable core diameter: Max.70mm
Belt-type capstan: Pulley diameter: 2000mm
Rotating caterpillar: Cable dia: Max. 115 mm, contact length: 2800 mm, pull force: Max. 60 kN.
Conductor preheater: Heating power: 60kW, Cross-sectional Area of conductor: 70~2500mm2, Conductor temperature: Cu (120℃), Al (180℃), Cooling water supply: 17-25 ℃
Cross-sectional area of conductor: 70~2500mm2 MAX 80 mm
Three layers extruded outer diameter: MAX 120 mm
Thickness of inner semi-conductive layer: 0.5 to 2.3mm
Thickness of insulation layer: 3.5 to 32 mm
Thickness of outer semi-conductive layer: 0.5 to 2.0mm:1
Conductor screen Extruder: Barrel Pressure: Max.600 bar
Screw Diameter: 60mm, (L/D): 20:1, Screw speed: Max.54 rpm, Max output: 45kg/h, Heating power: 4x2kW, DC motor: 21kW, heat zone: 4:1
Insulation Extruder: Barrel Pressure: Max.300bar, Screw Diameter: 150mm, (L/D): 25:1, Screw speed: Max.40 rpm, Max output: 300kg/h, Heating power: 5 x 12.5 kW, DC motor: 128 kW, heat zone: 5
Insulation screen Extruder: Barrel operation Pressure: Max.600 bar, Screw Diameter: 75mm, (L/D): 20:1, Screw speed: Max.44rpm, Max. Output: 75kg/h, Heating power: 4x3kW, DC motor: 29kW, heat zone: 4
X-RAY: Measuring of Diameter, wall thickness and eccentricity of all three layers of the insulation (inner semiconductor, insulation, outer semiconductor, Max. cable diameter (cold) 160 mm (XLPE), Conductor material: Cu or Al, Insulating material: XLPE (40mm) Measuring accuracy: ±0.03mm, Scan speed and screen update: 1 to 3 sec
Splice Box: Hydraulically operated, Travel distance: Max.1000mm, DN 250 x 1 m
Curing tube: Catenary factor: 107 m, Catenary angle: 14.7 degrees, Curing zone: 6 (44 m), Diameter of heating tube: DN 250 X 6 m, Tube operating temperature: Max.450 degrees C, Design pressure: Max. 16 bar
Entry heat treatment (EHT): Nitrogen blower: 2.2 kW, Plate heat exchanger: M10-MFG, Specification: 20 Piece, Thickness 0.6 mm, Design pressure: 16 bar, Design Temperature: 0~130℃
Cooling tube: Tube diameter: DN200, Cooling Zone: 10 (63 m)
The nitrogen cycle cooling system (NCS):1 Nitrogen blower: 3.75kW, Plate heat exchanger: M10-MFG, Specification: 64 Piece Thickness 0.6 mm, Design pressure: 16 bar, Design Temperature: 0 to 120 degrees C
End sealing: zone: 2, Hydraulically operated
Rotating Cat Capstan: The maximum opening: 150mm, Gripping length: 2900 mm, Type: Belt type, Tractive force: Max. 70 kN
Turn wheel: wheel diameter: 3600 mm
Helper Belt-type caterpillar: Cable diameter: Max.150mm, gripping length: 1000 mm, Tractive force: 12 kN
Take-up Stands (two available) dia. 1800 to 4000 mm, Load 25 tons

CCV Troster Line Extrusion Plastic