Ref. #27-301
New 2020 Never Used extruder 3.5”
Mfg. WICA Model DE 90.25
Consisting of:
1 ea Gearbox with motor
1 ea Water cooling system for entry zone
1 ea Barrel with heating and cooling units
1 ea Screw
1 ea Melt pressure and temperature sensor
1 ea Flange with heating elements
Technical Data:
Screw diameter: 90 mm
Screw length, L/D ratio: 25/1
Screw material: special steel nitride
Deepness of nitride: 0.30 mm
Surface Hardness: 58 HRC
Barrel length: 25 D
Barrel design: nitrided
Feeding zone length: 25 D
Feeding zone design: smooth or slight grooved
Barrel heating / cooling zones: 4 / 4
Flange heating zones: 1
Total heating power: 25 kW
max Temperature: 300°C ± 1°C
Number of temperature sensors: 1 per zone
Type of temperature sensors: Fe-Cu-Ni
max Melt pressure: 800 bar
max Screw speed: 120 rpm
Motor power: 160 kW
Description of the Machine:
Machine frame and head support is a sturdy welded structure and designed as a vibration free unit. The extruder is equipped with height-adjustable wheels.
The barrel with special nitrided coating prolongs the service life of the processing unit. On a grooved feeding bush a high screw filling factor is achieved through the novel design. The machine features a dismountable water cooled feeding zone, with a deposit free design of the water circulation. At the end of the barrel there is a bore for a melt pressure indicator.
The exact cylinder temperature control is controlled by ceramic heating bands and an air cooling system. The special design of the Cooper cooling fins requires only a small air flow for a good control. The advantage is the low noise level.
WiCa Austria 90 mm Extruder