Ref. #34-207
Mesh Welder
Mfg. EVG Model: GR 65
Year of Mfg.: 1979
Maximum Welding Width 62” Maximum cross wire width 65” (1650 mm)
Line Wire Spacing: 1” min (Steplessly Adjustable)
Cross Wire Spacing ½ inch minimum (Steplessly adjustable)
Cross wire fed from hopper.
Range of Line Wires: 16 ga to 10 ga (0.064 inch – 0.128 inch) (1.6 mm – 3.25 mm)
Example: (1” spacing 12 ga, 2” spacing 10 ga.)
Range of Cross Wires: 16 to 10  ga.
Maximum total wire diameter: .270 inch, (.210 inch at line spacing 1 inch, .270 inch at 2 inch line wire spacing)
Working Speed: 100 Cross Wires/min. Max.
Power Load: (50% I.D.): 170 kVA, 3 phase
Power of Drive motor 7.5 kW
Line wire straightener, Line wire interlock device, Edge Trimming and slitting Shear device, Mesh Tensioning equipment, Roll Take-up
Control of welding current by thyristor
Control of welding time by electric timers, in small steps
Control of welding heat by phase shift stepless
Cooling water 2.5 gal/min
Minimum working pressure 20 pounds/ sq. inch
Dimensions: 8ft – 6 in X 5 ft X 6 ft high, 10,000 lbs
Welder offers the possibility to weld an occasional ½ inch line wire spacing. Maximum wire sizes for ½ inch spacing 14 ga (yotal welding thickness 0.160 inch)
EVG GR65 Meah Welder