Ref. #: 34-226
Mesh Welder
Manufacturer: EVG
Year of Mfg.: 1993
Model # LGR/48
Line wire continuous feed
Cross wire hopper feed from pre-straighten and cut.
Max. Welding Width: 48 inches (1,219.2 mm)
Max. Working Width: 53 inches (length of cross wire)
Line wire diameter 2.5 to 8 mm (.098 inch to .315 inch)
Cross wire diameter 2.5 to 8 mm (.098 to .315 Inch)
Minimum LW pitch: 1 inch and multiples thereof
Minimum CW pitch: half inch and bigger pitches
Supply Voltage: 3 X 440 V, 60 Hz
Rated Power of Welder at 50 percent duty Cycle: 600 kVA
Total Driving power 60 kW
In storage welding head and some parts

EVG LGR 48 Mesh Welder