REF. #: 35-202
Wire nail production equipment

Wafios Nail making machine
Model: S-140
Catalog Specifications:
Capacity: Wire Diameter: 3.1 to 4.6 mm
Pieces per minute: 260 approx.
Lengths: 13 to 150 mm
Space required: 250 x 80 cm
Weight: 2,400 kg

Heenan Froude 65 mm Nail Machine
Heenan Froude 50 mm Nail Machine

Nail Cutter Grinding Machine
WAFIOS Model MSD 500
The required cutter shape can be ground in a few minutes. The profile grinding wheels are used to grind the angles, the cup wheels to plane grind the cutters and jaws.
Two sets of profiled grinding wheels of different grain. For rough and finish grinding

Wafios nail Tumbler

Plus box of tools.

Nail Plant machinery Wafios
Wafios Nail Tumbler Cleaning
Nail tool grinding wheel