Ref. 39-183

Complete Steel Wire (low and medium carbon) Drawing and Electro-Plating Plant
Rod Drawing

Drawing Line 1
Dual Horizontal Coil Pay-off
Scale cracker reverse rolls
Rotary wire brush descaler, 2 head
3 Pass Bull Block line
One (1) Horizontal Bull Block, 24” diameter
One (1) Vertical Bull Block, Showa 24”, Model CD600
One (1) Finish Block with drop Coiler, OZ Cams, 60 HP inverter drive motor
Enter 11 mm to 7 mm finish min .185 inch (4.7 mm)

Drawing Line 2
Seven (7) Horizontal Block Dry Draw Line
Overhead Pay-off
Scale Cracker reversing rolls
Enter 0.165 and 0.180 inch (4.2 mm-4.6 mm)
Finish .080 and .060 inch (2 mm – 1.5 mm)
Motors for each  block 74 Kw, 440 V
Spooler 48” diameter Narrow width, 2000 lbs
Dead Block Coiler 24” diameter

Draw Line 3
Six Block (5 inclined)
Enter 5.5 mm Finish .125 inch
Electrics need new computer control
Horizontal and vertical dual pay-offs
Single vertical pay-off
Rossi Motoriduttori gear boxes
Scale Cracker
Lamnea Bruk Brush Descaler (year 2005)
First die holder is rotating
Single Spooler 48 inch Diameter

Drawing Line 4
7/8 block (first block is double draft
Dual Horizontal and Vertical Pay-offs
Reversing roll crack descaler
Decapador Brush Descaler
Motors: 39 and 29 kW,
OZ Cams 48 inch diameter spooler

Drawing Line 5
9 Block (4 X 20 inch block + 5 X 16 inch blocks) (first block has been removed but is available)
Enter 5.5 mm, Finish .070 inch
Reversing roll scale cracker
Dual Brush Descaler
48” Diameter spooler

Drawing Line 6
Machine for parts
Missing motors, gear boxes
Manufacturer: MILL
7 Block BB type, 20 inch diameter
No pay-off no take-up

Fine Wire Drawing Lines
Enter 0.1 inch, finish .020 - .005 inch
Tub Type
Number of dies: 13
10 available
5 with vertical Spoolers, four with horizontal spoolers, 1 with dead block coiler

Morgan Fine wire drawing machines
4 available
With 30 inch horizontal spoolers
Number of dies: 19
Steel cones
Allen Bradley control
Motor: 3 Phase induction, 230/460, 60 Hz
Parker AC Integrator 690 Series

Intermediate Drawing
Koch Double Deck Bull Block EDM2, 1988 with 21 die, cone capstan, tub type wire drawing machine 60 HP DC motor and 30 inch diameter spooler. Siemen’s touch screen control
2 lines available (one in the process of being repaired.

Electroplating Lines (2 available)
Number of wires 24
24 X 48 inch spool pay-offs
FIB (Belgium) Gas Fluidized Bed Furnace 1000 degrees C
Lead Quench Tank (520 degrees C)
Acid Pickling tank
Rectifier Baths (2 sections can run Zink and copper 12 lines each)
Beta Acid Reclaim System and water filter for both lines (48 wires)
Take-ups 24 Spoolers and 24 Coilers