Ref. #49-243
Rebar Profiling, Straightening and Cutting Line
Mfg.: Ideal / Clifford
Ref. #49-232
Year of Mfg. 2012
Consisting of:
1)    Descaler: Model MDS14 Mechanical Breaker wheel type, 6 X 200 mm wheels, two plane, 4 roll entry guide.
2)    Dry Powder Soap Applicator: Model SAD14
3)    Integrated Profiling, Straightening and Cutting Machine: Model IPC6
Max wire inlet: 14 mm
Max finish Profile Section: 12 mm
Minimum profile section 5 mm
Max rolling speed 180 m/min for 8 mm diameter
Max rolling speed 120 m/min for 10 mm diameter
Max rolling speed 90 m/min for 12 mm diameter
Turkshead drive motors: 3 X 30kW AC variable speed motors
Driven profiling head adjustment position: Motorized cam plate adjustment with Programmable counter.
Non-driven rolling heads: 3 x 3-roll non-driven rolling heads with manual adjustments
Motor power: 22kW
No. of straightening dies: 5
Speeds 1) 2750 rpm, 2) 5087 rpm
Drive: Poly Vee belt
Max. Cut length 6,000mm
Length accuracy +/- 2mm per meter of cut length
Actuation: AC motor driven cutter with pneumatic wire positioning
Cutter motor 7.5KW
Batch control: Single pneumatic batch off station
Compressed Air Inlet Socket Diameter: 3/8 inch Hose Connector
Cooling Water Inlet Socket Diameter: 1 ¼ inch BSP
Cooling Water Outlet Socket Diameter: 1 ¼ inch BSP
Floor Mounted Collector
Model FMC 06
Length Max. 6000 mm Min. 1000 mm
Maximum weight 3000 mm: 2000 kg
End alignment: Pneumatically operated plate
Power requirements: 380-460 V, 3 phase, 50/60 hz, 189-157 amps

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Ideal Clifford Straighten and cut deformed rebar profile indenter