Ref. # 50A-169
Planetary Strander with Dual Wheel Capstan and Take Up
Mfg.: Syncro
Number of wires 49
Configuration: 1+6+18+24
There is a closing die table between each section.
Reel dimensions: 18 inch diameter X 10.25 inch OAW X 9 inch traverse X 8.5 inch drum X 5 inch arbor. Steel reel Weight 75 lbs empty
Rotating single pay-off up to 30 inch
Speed 120 RPM Max
Motor: 60 HP, 1700 RPM
Cable Size produced: 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch diameter
Lay range 1.5 inch to 24 inch
Capstan: Dual Wheel 84 inch U-groove
Change Gears
Reels Approximately 84 available.
Take-up: Up to 84 inch Diameter reels
Floor Space Approx.: 144 ft x 18 ft wide
Machine is still installed
Syncro, Krupp, Lesmo, armoring, planetary, Trafalgar armoring 1+36+60, 450 mm