Ref. #50A-186
Planetary Cabling and Armor line
Mfg.: Hefei Smarter
Year of Mfg.: 2014
Line Direction right to left
Number of Wires 54
Configuration 1+24+30
Bobbin Diameter: 630 mm
Application: Planetary Stranding and Armor Stranding of steel wire over insulated cable core of control cable.
Single wire dia. Nonferrous 2.0 to 10 mm
Steel wire diameter 1.0 to 3.5 mm
Max. O.D. of stranded cable 70 mm
Cable dia. before armoring 12 to 60 mm
Stranding pitch step-less
Cage section speed when make insulated core:
24B cage Max. 68 RPM
30B cage Max. 59 RPM
Cage section speed when make the steel wire armoring
24B cage Max. 55 RPM
30B cage Max. 45 RPM
Taping unit: 600 mm diameter X 100 mm bore X 10 to 100 mm width, dual pad, Max. 800 RPM, tension 3 to 20 kg, 2 units. Taping pitch step-less, Tape materials are plastic, non-woven cloths, glass cloth, half conductive cloth etc...
Capstan:  5,395 mm (17.7 ft.), Belt width: 120 mm, Passable cable dia. 15 to 150 mm, Speed 4.8 to 34.6 m/min (15.7 to 113.5 fpm), Pulling force 6,000 kg max. Pneumatically controlled.
Central pay-off: Portal Type, auto-centering, Diameter: 1,000 to 2,000 mm (40 to 80 inch), tension 20 to 200 kg friction hand adjustable.
Take-up: Portal Type, bobbin 1,600 to 3,150 mm (63 to 124 inch), 15 ton max, speed 40 m/min max
Cage motor
24B cage 90 Kw (AC inverter)
30B cage 110 KW (AC inverter)
Taping motor 15KW (AC inverter)
Capstan motor 45 KW (AC inverter)
Central height of machine 1,500 mm
The cage is supported by bearing on one ends, and others are supported by under-roller, and the six bobbins are arranged in one circle. Each cage is driven by AC inverter motor, right, left rotation is available.
Payoff tension 2 to 30 kg
For the12 bobbin carriers at the exit of 30B cage, the single wire tension is controlled by KB controller, and through the pressure transducer which feedbacks the signal to control system of DC motor. Each wire tension is displayed and set on the operation table. There is tension correction proportional factor in the electrical control system to make the actual tension and displayed tension consistent. Other bobbin carries payoff tension is mechanical friction controlled, with mechanical tension feedback to ensure the tension constant from full bobbin to empty.
The bobbin is clamped by pintles manually, with mechanical lockup protection.
Pay-off tension is controlled by mechanical friction and adjusted manually.
The 100% back-twisting is completed by gears.
Pneumatic disc type brake.
30B cage has 24 pieces of timing pipes to complete 54 steel wires stranding. (Inner diameter of timing pipe is 15 mm)

Electric control system Power source: 3P, 5W, 480V (±10%), 60HZ. Single phase control voltage is 240V
The whole line is handled by Siemens PLC and touch screen, Total capacity 270 KVA

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