REF. #: 50B-242
Tubular Stranding Line
Mfg.: Trafalgar
19 Wire
Two (2) Tube Sections one (1) 6 Wire and One (1) 12 Wire, 400 mm diameter bobbins
For Stranding in one operation up to 19 wires into final conductor.
Bobbin dimensions: Flange dia. 400mm, Width 250mm, Bore 30mm, Bobbin weight 150 kg
Line speed: 32m/min (100 FPM)
Including: Die holder, 1200mm dia single wheel capstan with gear box, Cantilever type take-up 2200mm x 1250mm wide (86 inch X 48 inch) with Uhing traverse. Braking system Friction band, Payoff Single bobbin.
Direction Right to left.
Tube diameter: 650mm (25.6 inch)
Overall Length of the machine including the take up is 30m (98 ft 6 inch)
The take up accounts for approx 2.5m (8 ft 3 inch) of the overall length.
Steel Bobbins: 57 rolled + 17 flat welded 400 mm Bobbins available

Trafalger 6+12 Tubular Strander