Ref. # 50B-282
Tubular Strander
Mfg.: De Angeli, Model: 6/30
Number of Bobbins 6+1
Bobbin Max diameter: 30"
Main Motor: 100 HP, 440 V, DC
Tube Data: Speed 500 RPM max., Diameter 1100 mm
Bobbin Brake System-Spring Loaded Rope
Equipped with wire break detector
Capstan: 1500 mm diameter, Lay Length: 40 mm to 446 mm, adjustable via gear box lever combination
Take-UP: Cantilever Type, 48" to 84" diameter, Motor 10 HP, 440 volts, 60 Hz
Length Counter: Red Lion Brand Digital Counter
Was producing: Cable Size-8AWG to 4/0AWG, Cu, AAC, ACSR

DeAngeli Tubular Strander

De Angeli Strander

De Angeli Take-up Strander Tubular