Ref. # 50B-309
Encircling Bearing Tubular Stranding Line
Configuration: 1+6+12
Diameter ob bobbins in tubular: 630 mm DIN
Year of Mfg: 2008
Manufacturer: Flymca (Spain)
The Line Composed of the following.
External pay-off 630 mm.
Tube 6 bobbins Din 630 mm mounted on bearings with AC motor
Die Holder & Roller Compacting Head.
Capstan 1600 mm single wheel with AC motor
Tube 12 bobbins 630 mm, mounted on bearings with AC motor.
Die Holder and Compacting Head. (Motorized for pre-spiraled conductors)
1600 mm diameter dual wheel capstan 6 tons, with AC motor
2500 mm diameter take-up, 12 Ton capacity
Electrical panel with CONTROL TECHNIQUE drives, PLC 57 & SIEMENS
TOUCH screen
Equipped with a batch loading system: 3 beams for 6 bobbins each.
Soundproof cabinet
Designed for: Concentric cross-lay strand with Aluminum Alloys, Copper, Steel
Speed: 1000 RPM max
Lay Range: 35-500 mm controlled electronically