Ref. #56-109
Beta LaserMike
AccuScan 3 Dual Plane Series (5 available)
Accuscan 3 Single Plane (2 available)
Beta Mdl CI 900 Controller
For dependable single
gauge control and monitoring,
it’s hard to beat the CI900’s
easy-to-read LCD display and
user-friendly pull-down menus.
SPC versions are also available including the powerful
auto set point control for exceptional material cost savings.
Data Pro  1000 controller
The DataPro 1000 is an economical process controller and indicator. Its VFD display shows numeric diameter and ovality data to the operator on line. It is limited in the amount of data it provides, but when in-process measurements, tolerance checking, and simple process control are critical, the DataPro 1000 provides a very cost-effective package.
Laser Mike Lasermike Accuscan 3
Lasermike Diameter Guage control