Tandem Rod Breakdown Machine
Manufacturer: Syncro Model 18T-13
Number of Blocks 13 (11 are ceramic, 2 are steel)
Block Diameter: 18 inch
Type of Metal Drawn: Aluminum
Maximum Feedstock Size: 9.5 mm
Number of Dies: 13
Finish Range Minimum: ,  Maximum:
Motor  GE 550 HP DC, 1150 RPM, 500 V,
Philadelphia Gear box
Takeup Manufacturer: Syncro 36 inch Single Spooler
No Electrics.
Single Spooler
Dimensions and weight: WxLxH in mm. weight in KG.
Drawing machine: 1,200 x 10,200 x 2,000mm   19,000KG Whole block
Take up : 1,000 x 2,400 x 1,820mm       2,860KG
Gearbox : 1,100 x 2,600 x 1,200                    2,130KG
Motor 1,200 x 2,300 x 1,200                      4,810KG
Miscellaneous items                                330KG

Aluminum Rod Drawing Wire Syncro Copper Tandem Varilla de aluminio trefilado de cobre Syncro Tandem