Ref. # 59A-263
Rod Drawing Line
Mfg.: Niehoff MSM85
Number of Drafts: 12
Wire Elongation: Variable
Number of Wires: 1
Wire Material: Superconductor Nb35n, Inlet Tensile Strength: 510 N/mm2
Inlet Dia. Max: 6.86mm
Finish Dia. Range: 2.42mm - 0.89mm
Max. Drawing Speed: 15m/s
Drive Power: 11 x 43kW, Frequency: 60Hz
Power of Final Capstan Drive: 61kW
Dia. Of Drawing Capstans No.1, 2 & 3: 560mm
Dia. Of Drawing Capstans No.4 thru 11: 450mm
Dia. Of Final Capstan: 450mm
Drawing Die Sizes: 53mm, Max. 37mm Thick
Take-up: Niehoff SNH801, 800 mm Dynamic Spooler
Year of MFG: 2011
Stopped operation in 2016 (still installed, but not in production).
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