Ref. # 59A-265
NIEHOFF rod breakdown drawing line for copper rod
Complete line including Pay-off, Drawing Machine, Annealer, Dancer and Coiler
Type:  Drawing Machine: M85, Annealer VG35V, Dancer T400, Coiler WF800
Year of Manufacture: 2012
Number of dies: 9
Maximum inlet copper rod dia.: 8 mm (250 N/mm2)
Outlet copper dia.: 2.65 (13 m/sec hard wire, 10 m/sec annealed) to 3.70 mm (8 m/sec hard wire)
Second Pass: Enter: 3.5 mm Finish: 1.20 mm (12 m/sec) to 2.20 mm (4 m/sec)
Elongation: 26%
Speed: up to 13 m/sec max (according to final wire dia.) (2560 FPM)
Capstans diameter: 450 mm
Main Motor: 225 kW
Finish Capstan 51 kW
Drawing Die Size: 50 X 32 mm
Annealer: VG35V (3900A)
Take-up: Coiler WF800, Capstan Diameter: 800 mm
Niehoff M85 VG35 annealer wire drawing, WF800 Coiler