Ref. # 59A-270
Rod Breakdown drawing line
Manufacturer: SKET/Niehoff/Bongard
Draw Block Type: UDZWG 1250
Max Pull: 1250 kp
Year of Mfg.: 1979
Maximum inlet copper rod dia.: 9 mm
Maximum inlet aluminum rod dia.: 15 mm
Number of dies: 13
Six (6) sets of two capstans wet draw (Inside capstan turns slower than outside capstan) wire travels from back to from set of capstans, single finish capstan all 500 mm diameter.
Was drawing copper wires at 8mm (.315) down to .050 inch (1.3 mm), Speed 25 m/sec (5,000 fpm)
Motor: Toshiba 350 HP, 460 V, 1780 RPM, 60 Hz
Annealer Niehoff Model R-500
Take-up: Bongard model KW-800, Drop Coiler 820 mm diameter coil capstan, 1.2 to 3.6 mm wire range, 0 to 30 m/sec, barrels: OD 1,100 mm, ID 590 mm, Height Range: 1,000 mm to 2,000 mm (yr. 1994)
Butt Welder: Hakusan (Japan) BF-8D, 0.390 inch (10 mm) max diameter copper (1976)
Condition: In Storage. Was in good running condition when decommissioned in Dec. 2018.
Niehoff Copper Rod M85 VG85 R500 Bongard Syncro