Ref. # 59A-274
Rod breakdown drawing line for copper rod
Type: Niehoff MM85 with Annealer and Two Vertical Spoolers
Year of Mfg.: 1994
Number of rods: 2
Number of dies: 13
Catalog Specifications:
Maximum inlet copper rod dia.: 8 mm at 450 N/mm2 or 10 mm at 250 N/mm2
Outlet annealed copper dia. range: 1.0 to 4.5 mm (18 to 5 awg)
Max Speed: 38 m/sec (7480 fpm)
Line working direction: left to right
Complete line composed of following items:
NIEHOFF rod breakdown drawing body, type M85
Motor: 500 HP, 480 V, DC
Finis Block 350 HP DC
NIEHOFF continuous annealer, type R500 motor driven
Two (2) Dancer/Accumulator
Take-ups: Two (2) Niehoff Automatic Vertical Static Coiler
Model WSV 1000, 1000 mm (40 inch) spool diameter
Electrical cabinet and control desk
Machine is still installed and in production. 11 block in use (first and last block (not finish block) have been removed. Both blocks are available. Actual running speed 4300 fpm
Niehoff MM85, R500 Annealer, WSV Spooler