Ref. #59B-198
Copper intermediate wire drawing line
Make/brand: NIEHOFF
Model M30, VG30, S630
Year of Mfg: 1987
Type: 17 draft intermediate wire drawing
(24%Elongation per pass-nominal)
Diameter of input wire: 3.5 mm dia.max
Finished wire sizes: 0.35-1.25 mm dia.
Drawing m/c rated speed: 28.8 to 40 m/sec
Drawing ring (capstan) diameter: step cone @ 200, 132, 87.5, 58 mm dia
Finish (outside) capstan: 250
Electric: 440 V, 60 Hz
Drawing Machine Motor: 82.5 kW, 1710 to 2400 RPM
Annealer: Niehoff VG30
Take-up unit: Type: single spooler, model S630
Still installed and operational.
Niehoff M30, VG30, S630 Intermediate wire drawing Line