REF. #59C-342
Fine Multi Wire Drawing Machine with Annealer and Spooler
Mfg.: Niehoff
Model: MMH80
Year of Mfg: 1987
Inlet diameter: 1.3 mm with 8 Wires at 15 m/sec
Inlet diameter: 1.6 o 1.8 mm at 10 m/sec
Outlet diameter min.   0.2 mm, max. 0.7 mm
It Works 8 wires until max. 0.4 mm
It works 4 wires until max.  0.7 mm
No. of drafts: 21
Main motor 75 KW 3000 rpm, 460 V DC
Annealer Model R160
One Take-up: Spooler 560 mm diameter reels
Motor Siemens 24 kW
Machine is still installed, but not in production. Last product Nov 2021

Niehof MMH Multi Wire Drawing 8 Wires