Ref. #60A-258
Frigeco 13 Die Rod Breakdown Machine with Spooler
Model # TS45-13-1; Year of Mfg: 2002
Right to Left Operation
Enter tensile strength: 450 N/mm2   
Enter  max: 0.188 inch (4.78 mm) Low carbon,  0.128 inch (3.25 mm) high carbon, Finish: 0.064 inch (1.63 mm) to 0.032 inch (.813 mm) low carbon, 0.0285 inch (.724 mm) to 0.0320 inch (.813 mm)
Finish Speed: 35 m/sec max
Capstans diameter 450 mm Tungsten carbide coated capstans
Drawing area totally immersed in lubricant; Die holders with high pressure lubrication system
Number of dies 13
Motor: Siemens 37 KW AC each of first 12 blocks; Finish block: 45 KW
Stem Pay-off with dancer
Take-up: Single Spooler 40 inch
Machine is in storage
Frigerio 13 Die Copper Coated Steel Wire
Frigerio Spooler